Dylan 'EilTon' Delaunois

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Dylan Delaunois


About me

Thanks for stopping by. Read below to learn more about myself and my background.


Hello there ! I'm Dylan, a programmer living in Belgium. I have a bachelor degree in business computing and I have been playing video games all my life, for entertainment first of course, but also to live a lot of fun adventures and feel truly unique emotions. After all, as a gamer, you are yourself a character of the game you play. That is why I have started dreaming about working in the video game industry.

I have been learning programming since 2012 and got my first internship in 2017 as an Analyst/Developer C#. I got my first job as a business developer in March 2018, but it was definitely not my dream job. At the end of my contract, I have found a training as a Game Programmer in Unity, where I have learned the basics of game design and how to use and create video games in Unity. That is when I created several games like "From darkness to brightness". I performed at that time an internship at DRAG On Slide as a Gameplay Programmer.

I'm currently an operator attraction at Walibi. All of that in order to work for a game studio and achieve another ambition of mine: make players dream, like the studios of my childhood used to make me dream.

Resume about me

  • Name: DELAUNOIS Dylan
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Email: dylan.delaunois@hotmail.com
  • Hobbies: Crossfit, video game playing and video game programming